Net Play TV is one of the interactive gambling companies that is currently having a positive feedback from the market. In fact, the British company published financial data for the first quarter of 2012; and it was immediately seen that the work done so far has brought excellent results. Going to analyze the numbers, you immediately realize that there has been an increase on deposits by new players which is equal to 70%. This is important, if we also take into account the unhappy moment that the world is going through, in terms of the economic crisis.

The numbers in system

London-based NetPlay TV summarized the data that emerged from the first quarter of 2012, stating that the number of new players approaching this interactive casino is 34% improvement compared to the last quarter of 2011. Player deposits also soared, recording 21,869, which is more than 44%. So data that certainly show a healthy company that in the last quarter of 2011 recorded truly record numbers, which in the first quarter of 2012 are consolidating; also showing sensitive improvements.


In light of these encouraging results, which emerged from the last quarter of 2011 and confirmed from the first quarter of 2012, NetPlay TV has decided to continue to invest in both advertising and marketing and new technologies that can increase the possibilities of access to its customers. In fact, there are several innovations that have already been presented and launched on the market; and those that are on the launch pad and that will soon be presented to the general public. But we’ll talk about this later, in the course of this article.


Returning to marketing data, NetPlay TV highlighted the large advertising investments made. Buoyed by a record fourth quarter, the British company continued to invest in television advertising in the first quarter of 2012, to take advantage of not only the positive wave of the latter part of 2011; but also the favourable period of the first part of 2012.

The winning marketing strategy

This marketing strategy was truly successful, in fact the results showed a more 20% in the first quarter of 2012. This is an increase of 9% compared to the fourth quarter of 2011; which shows how the work we did and the advertising investments we talked about earlier, have paid off. For this movement, also for 2012, important investments in advertising are planned.

The launch of

As mentioned earlier, NetPlay TV is not limited to just one channel, which is that of the web; but it has also invested a lot of resources in smartphones. The British company launched at the end of March for iPhone and iPad; so that we also enter another booming market. NetPlay TV has stated that this is only the first step towards this new gaming platform, and that investments will continue for the mobile offering. The British company, in fact, wants to make the most of this market that is growing strongly, and for this reason will soon develop more novelties for its offer of games.